i am on here all the time
if i haven't updated in a while i'm dead

mother cosgrove approves of this blog Photobucket

this is my cool people section
if you're here then i love you if you're not then woW I FEEL BAD FOR YOU CAUSE I'M FUCKING AWESOME
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if you wanna be here then you actually have to talk to me even though i know how horrible that is for you people



Where are you from?
the land of lincoln

same as harry styles [if you don’t know how old that is then get the hell off my blog]

What’s your ethnicity?
i’m a redheaded arab i’m not even joking i don’t look middle eastern & most people think i’m white. i get mexican a lot too for some reason

when did you make this blog?
july 10th, 2012 [FETUS BLOG]

Follow back?
if you’re a 1D blog sure why not

Check out my blog?
hell yeah, just ask me

Promo me?
only if i’m not on my period

Will you vote for me?
of course, just message me

Who’s your favorite from 1D?

Have you met any of the boys?
i would be dead in a coffin somewhere if they actually graced me with their presence…so that’s a no

Do you like their girlfriends?
danielle’s the only one i like

Why did you unfollow me?
-you ship zerrie
-your blog isn’t fergalicious anymore
those are pretty much the only reasons

Why do you hate Zerrie?
don’t even go there with me

Why do you always reply to your asks with pictures/gifs?

Role models?
besides the five homos in 1D…miranda cosgrove, scott disick, ja’mie king, simon cowell, & napoleon dynamite

What do you wanna do with your life?
become a screen writer/film director

What are your other interests?
teen wolf, the vampire diaries, degrassi, harry potter, the hunger games, friends, south park, spiderman, emma stone, logan lerman, josh hutcherson, pretty little liars, the office, reno 911!, awkward.
oh and of course mother cosgrove

thank you and have a nice day